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Welcome to Oaktree Financial Advisors, Inc.

Before you entrust your money to someone, you want to know that person will act in your best interests.  At other firms, many advisors are employees, with a boss to answer to, quotas to fill and proprietary products to sell.   With us, things are different.  Oaktree Financial Advisors was founded in 2000 as a firm where clients would receive truly independent and objective advice; a firm where clients' interests came first, not the company's.  We have no proprietary or "in-house" products to sell.  Our clients receive advice based upon what's truly best for them and the goals they are trying to accomplish.  We want to be the last financial advisor our clients will ever have.  You see, at Oaktree, our business is based on long-term relationships, not transactions.

As a privately owned, independent firm our first loyalty is to the clients we serve.  Our business is about relationships with people, not just their money.  We offer free introductory consultations because we believe in developing long-term relationships that are a good fit for both of us.  We don't believe in slick presentations or "hard selling" future clients.  We sit down and discuss their finances, concerns, current needs and future goals.  During our discussions, we work together to arrive at a method for achieving these goals.  Our goal is to pleasantly surprise our future clients with the comfort levels experienced in their first meetings and to continue that same level of service as our relationship continues.