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Financial Planning

Planning rooted in your hopes, dreams and goals

Oaktree Financial Advisors helps individuals and families develop and implement long-term financial plans customized to their unique needs and goals. Your financial plan may include the following:


We help you get on track toward the retirement lifestyle you desire. We’ll assess and project various retirement scenarios so you can take control and find comfort in a future of financial independence.


We begin with an in-depth review of your investment and retirement accounts. Using this data, we can create an asset allocation summary and make investment recommendations based on your goals.


Tax consequences are an essential factor in the recommendations we make concerning your financial plan. We’ll work with your CPA or tax professional to minimize tax impact and best serve your interests.


We help you calculate the costs of college and the savings you’ll need to reach your goals. We’ll develop strategies to help you add to, invest in and withdraw from college savings when the time is right.


Protecting yourself, your family and your assets is the foundation of a comprehensive financial plan. We review your situation and make recommendations based on your specific needs and goals.


We’ll consult with you concerning wills, living trusts, retirement account beneficiaries, and transfer on death accounts to ensure your assets are transferred as you wish. We’ll refer you to an estate planning attorney to help you through the process.

In our Getting To Know You meeting you’ll tell us all about your situation, goals, questions and concerns.

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